Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Cart Bag for Golf Review


This product is considered to be one of the best bags to come out in 2015, and it features everything you could want for a day on the links. The Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Cart Bag has a 10.5”, 15-way divider for club storage. As with many bags on the market today, there’s a waterproof pocket for electronic devices. Unlike other products, Tour Edge lines theirs with velour, which not only keeps water off your gadgets, it provides a better surface on your screens.

This cart bag has two large garment pockets and a towel ring with an integrated Velcro patch. You’ll have everything you need on and off the course, and the integrated cart strap loop makes for easy transport.

You can easily carry the bag yourself because the Hot Launch Performance Cart Bag has thick padding on its carry strap. Whether you want to get a little more exercise, or save your energy for the game, you’ll be ready to go with the Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Cart Bag.

The Tour Edge cart bag isn’t named Hot Launch Performance Cart Bag for nothing. This golf carting bag is made for complete lovers of golf. Their bags are made of high-quality materials with some unique characteristics like an insulated pocket for drinks, a waterproof pocket for electronics and very spacious carriage area for any and every miscellaneous golfing need. This is a stand bag so it can stand on its own, and it is also full rain proof with a snap cover on the top portion of the bag to protect it from the elements.


  • The bag features a 15-way club divider
  • There’s an insulated pocket for drinks
  • There’s an integrated cart strap loop
  • The golf bag has a waterproof pocket for electronics, lined with velour
  • It has a thick added carry strap


The Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Cart Bag for Golf is great for anyone who carries a lot onto the course. You’ll have room for everything, including dedicated space for your cold drinks and electronics. It also has a beautiful design which comes in 7 different colors that truly makes this bag stand out from the all the rest. With all of the features, you’ll get everything you need with this stylish bag.

The price of the Tour Edge golf bag puts it in the list of some of the least expensive golf bags and a must have for any golf enthusiast who isn’t looking to break his or her bank on a golf bag; the bag is priced just shy of $90.

The Tour Edge golf bag has a waterproof velour-lined dry pocket to protect valuables which makes it perfect, especially if you get caught in the rain.

This golf bag has a 15-way divider rod which is fitted with molded easy-lift handles for easy carrying.

There’s a beverage pocket which is insulated to keep your beverages cold and ready for consumption just when you need it.


This bag might be too big for some people; it has ample storage room, which makes the bag larger. Some people may not want to carry so many items, and a smaller bag would probably be better. With the padding, it should still be easy to carry, so it is up to you what you prefer.

There are complaints that there are no spaces for golf balls as the space for keeping cold beverages took up most of the storage space leaving out the somewhat most important—space for golf balls.

There are also complaints about the top curvature of the bag, and its slope. Some users say the slope is very undesirable and clumsy, the main issue being that the clubs gets pushed in and out without retaining a particular position.


Overall, the tour edge golf bag is a fair deal. With some of the best elements seen in a golf bag thrown into this portable golf bag, you can’t go wrong. Let’s talk about some of the outstanding features of this beauty—yes, the Tour Edge is an aesthetically sound bag, so you are getting a good looking bag with great features.

There’s a beverage compartment on this golf bag which is insulated to keep your beverage remaining cold while you golf. There are also waterproof compartments best suited for keeping your electronics and valuables to avoid damage during inclement weather. There’s ample space to accommodate just about all your carrying needs.

The Tour Edge Hot Launch Performance Cart Bag for Golfis a great bag to have while you cruise the greens. It has a reliable crafted pattern that makes it long lasting and durable. If you need ample room to carry your gear and valuables, this is the bag for you!

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