Top Five Things to Remember when Choosing Golf Bag Types

People who are huge fans of popular ball games such as basketball and football may not enjoy watching or playing games like golf as much. Those who are unfamiliar with the sport only see men walking on a field looking for a ball only to send it flying once again. But the truth is, once you start playing and learning the mechanics of the game, you’ll definitely get hooked. It doesn’t just offer a physical workout, it also stimulates the mind.

The equipment may be somewhat expensive but there are pretty decent products on the market that are available at very reasonable prices. There are different golf bag types, golf clubs, and other golf equipment you can choose from so that deciding on the right product can be very overwhelming.

Choosing new equipment doesn’t have to be overwhelming, though. Yes, it can be challenging to pick the best golf bag, or golf club for that matter, but if you know what to look for, the task will be a lot easier. One major piece golf equipment that has proven to be very tricky to pick is the golf bag. First, you have to consider which type of bag you’re getting.

In each category, there are more than 200 golf bag designs and models you can choose from. It is definitely quite a tedious task. That is why you have to be familiar with the different golf bag types so that you will know exactly what it is that will best suit your style.


Golf Bag Types

For people who are not really familiar with the sport, a golf bag can be a game changer. They come in different sizes and various functions. From a minimalistic style to an all-around type of bag, there are hundreds of products you can choose from.

Cart Bags

Following a minimalistic style, cart bags are lighter and smaller than other golf bags. They are more portable and designed such that golfers can carry them around on their golf carts or golf pull carts. The average weight of cart bags ranges between 6 to 7 pounds – generally lighter than staff bags but still aren’t recommended to be lifted or carried manually. They can stand on a flat surface but not on rough and uneven surfaces. This is the recommended bag for those who usually go to courses where carts are provided at their disposal.

Staff Bags

This type of golf bag is usually preferred by professional golfers. It’s a large bag – with 8-12 inches diameter, and is usually made of leather. It’s huge and heavy and has enough space to hold an entire set of 14 clubs, along with other accessories that a golfer needs for the game. It is not recommended for those who casually play golf. Staff bags are for those who always have caddies during the entire play.

Stand Bags

A stand bag is basically just a smaller, lighter version of a cart bag with built-in legs that conveniently allows the bag to sit upright. That way, it will be easier for the player to change clubs and look for items in his bag because it is seated in an upright position. Stand bags fit in a cart but most players just carry them around for the entire round of golf. Since it has a backpack-style harness or carrying straps, it’s just very easy to carry. The only downside to it is its limited space for extra accessories or equipment.

Carry Bags

From the name itself, the bag is designed to be portable and lightweight, making it easier to carry around the course during the entire game. These bags are designed in a way that reduces the strain on players’ backs. It can only hold a few items because of its limited space, which is why it is only recommended for casual and amateur players.

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