Top 5 Most Popular Golf Bags in 2016

A lot of assessment and decision-making goes into determining which golf bag, out of the hundreds available on the market, would be the best for each type of golfer. A lot of factors come into play including player’s preference, availability and price and each one needs to be considered thoroughly. At this stage, especially for newbie golfers, it is important to have some help from experienced friends or even from reliable sources online.

That being said, here’s a compiled list of best-selling golf bags from different categories.


Original Jones Golf Bag

The Original Jones golf bag is an old school model that proves quality is definitely tested through time. Its classic golf bag design looks far from the newer models but it still appeals to a lot of golf enthusiasts. Despite its being plain and straightforward, the functionality of this bag is still undisputed. Here’s a list of reasons why:

  • The comfortably padded straps are designed to balance the bag and make it very comfortable and easy to lift and carry around.
  • The lightweight construction of the bag itself almost doesn’t add any weight to the equipment inside it.
  • The 3-way divider lumps the clubs together.
  • It is designed such that it is easy for the player to access the pockets even when it’s on their shoulder.
  • There are two available zippered pockets which should hold the balls and other accessories.
  • The added umbrella sleeve comes in handy for unexpected downpours.

OGIO Silencer Cart Bag


OGIO is a popular brand in the golf industry and it’s been around for quite a long time. The quality of the products from this company has been tested time and again. The Silencer Cart bag, for example, sets the standards for golf bags when it comes to eliminating the clanging sound of metals and reducing contact between clubs through its comprehensive design.

  • There is a high-grade polymer material integrated in the bag’s design that holds the clubs snug while the grip is securely locked in the flex grab teeth bottom part of the bag. This system eliminates movement of the clubs and reduces contact among them. As a result, there are less scratch marks on the clubs and it doesn’t have that annoying sound of clanging metals anymore.
  • The neatly organized clubs are easier to access. The bag’s cart-strap is designed to allow less twisting of the bag while seated at the back part of the cart, making access to pockets where balls and accessories are kept easier.
  • The insulated hydration pocket is intended to keep your drinks cold or hot as long as possible.

NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag

The NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag is one of the examples of the great golfing equipment brands which perform amazingly even on uneven surfaces. Aside from that, its features are intended to make your life as a golfer a lot easier.

  • The bag’s design highlights its functionality despite challenging weather conditions. The pockets are waterproof and it has an integrated umbrella holder and removable rain hood which is very handy in the event of sudden rain.
  • 14-way stand top design with full length dividers makes it easy to organize your clubs.
  • Available pockets are securely zippered and are located strategically on the bag to allow easy access. They also have fleece lining for added security and durability.
  • The handles allow easy lifting and carrying around the course.

These are just three of the most popular golf bags that you can find on the market. These are also available at very reasonable prices. If you have the time to check out product review sites, you will find that these three items are very popular and that they have great feedback from satisfied customers.

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