Ray Cook’s Golf RCC-1 Cart Bag Review


The RCC-1 cart bag is manufactured by Ray Cook which is a world renowned maker of quality materials and golf gear, and this RCC-1 doesn’t fall short of expectations. This cart bag has been praised by users as a very effective cart bag, which is also very lightweight and inexpensive compared to other high-end golf bags of the same specifications.

If your biggest worry is about your clubs, Ray Cook’s RCC-1 solves that, as it comes with 14 full length dividers to ensure that each of your clubs is in perfect condition while you tackle the greens.

This new product from Ray Cook is one of the best bags to have while you’re working your way across the greens. It has eight large pockets for miscellaneous items and accessories, and one pocket designed specifically for your electronic devices. You won’t need to leave any essentials behind when you carry this bag.

You’ll even have room for a cold drink because the RCC-1 has an insulated pocket to keep it nice and frosty. As for your essential gear, the 14-way top has ample space for your clubs, and it has an integrated putter well. Combine all this with the easy-lift rubber grip handle, and you know you and your clubs will be traveling comfortably.


  • It has a 14-way club storage which goes full length to keep your clubs safe.
  • There’s an easy-lift rubber grip handle for lifting convenience.
  • There are 8 large pockets to provide just the right amount of storage space you require.
  • There’s a pocket designed specifically for electronic device storage, so you don’t need to stress yourself finding the right port to stash your electronics.
  • Integrated putter well for added protection
  • There’s an insulated pocket to keep your beverages cool


  • The Ray Cook RCC-1 Cart Bag is a budget bag and less expensive compared to several other bags with similar features. The bag is priced at about $90 which is a fair deal for a superior quality golf bag.
  • This cart bag has 9 large pockets, which makes it versatile enough for just about anything you’d like each pocket to be.
  • There’s a pocket for beverages which is insulated as well, ensuring drinks are kept cool as desired.
  • There’s a water resistant velour-lined pocket as well for keeping any and all of your valuables and electronics safe from the elements.
  • The RCC-1 golf bag uses rubber grip handles for easy carrying and lifting.
  • The RCC-1 gives you a lot of options for storage, and it will keep your clubs safe and well organized.
  • The integrated putter well offers extra protection for your putter, and the cooling pocket will make those long rounds of golf even more enjoyable!
  • With the rubberized handle for added comfort you’ll be able to play long rounds of golf without feeling strained/
  • You won’t need to carry around poles to prop your bag if you go with this product from Ray Cook because this bag stands on its own.


Ray Cook’s Golf RCC-1 Cart Bag has a seemingly generic design, but it provides a lot of features you’ll come to love. More importantly than the bland design, the bag may break from wear and tear, or if used to carry heavy particularly heavy loads. It may have a lot of storage space, but you’ll still have to pack wisely, otherwise you might find yourself making minor repairs here and there.

There are complaints of the zipper not being up to standard and getting easily damaged.

There have been a few complaints about the base of the RCC-1 Cart Bag being very wide, making it difficult to strap some of the carts in properly.


This product from Ray Cook is a solid bag that has a lot of options to choose from when it comes to storage. The asking price is low compared to other products on the market, and it offers many of the same features. The potential to tear is a drawback, so you might want to look elsewhere if you need something that can carry serious weight. This product is a good buy for any recreational golfer who wants to save money while still getting a bag loaded with space and features.

The Ray Cook RCC-1 is a great bag with great features paired with a great price. If you can’t afford over $100 for a high-end golf bag, this powerfully built bag could suffice just as well.

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