Palm Springs Golf Cart Bag Review

1-palm-springs-golf1-palm-springs-golfPlaying golf has a lot of physical benefits. Hitting the ball at a certain angle, with a precise amount of force, while studying the varying terrain and formulating a technique or two accordingly is an excellent mind exercise. On top of that, the amount of calories burned while walking from point A to point B will definitely show its great slimming effects after a game or two.

When starting out young, you will probably have a lot of energy in the first few games so that you won’t mind walking for miles across the course. However, after playing for a while there becomes a tendency to use a golf cart. You will also have more equipment as you learn the ins and outs of the game which means more storage for your stuff will be needed.

Golf cart bags are designed such that they can go with a cart and provide more storage room than a typical carry bag. These are generally lighter than a staff bag but are still not recommended for lifting all across the entire course. Some higher-end brands provide a comfortable strap to help with lifting the bag, though.

Unlike stand bags, most cart bags are not stable enough to stand on uneven surfaces. It is basically a cross between different categories of golf bags. One popular example for this bag is the Palm Springs Golf Cart Bag.

Key Features

Casual golfers would mostly pick this bag because it is very affordable and it provides most of the things that they are looking for in a golf bag. The overall quality of the bag may not be as reliable as higher end brands but considering its price point, it’s more than what you can ask for.

  • 14 way padded top
  • Full length dividers
  • 9 securely zippered pockets
  • 1 Insulated Cooler pocket
  • Integrated Umbrella and External Putter holders
  • Well-padded adjustable shoulder strap
  • Easy access on all pockets even when the bag is on the back of the cart
  • Zippered Rain cover
  • Three available colors
  • Constructed with Durable and Lightweight Nylon material


The Palm Springs golf cart bag is made of a durable and lightweight nylon material and is one of the lightest cart bags you can find. It’s only about 7 pounds but it has enough room to accommodate 14 clubs. The full length dividers allow you to arrange the clubs such that there’s minimal contact among them, reducing the clanging sound and the unnecessary scratching when metal clubs rub against each other.

With all its 9 securely zippered pockets, you can organize all your golf equipment and accessories and ensure that everything is safely locked in each pocket. There’s also an additional pocket for tumblers and water bottles which has been insulated to keep your drinks at their desired temperature for as long as possible. With its zippered rain cover, you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet when it suddenly rains.

The bag also has an integrated umbrella holder and an external putter holder which you will find handy when you’re on the course. And since this is designed for your maximum convenience, it allows easy access to all the pockets so you can easily reach items in your bag even when the bag is sitting at the back of your cart.


The most common comment about this bag is its cooler pocket which appears to be too small for any standard sizes tumblers or water bottles to fit. But aside from that, the feedback for this bag is mostly positive.


If you are talking about great golf cart bags for the money, the Palm Springs Golf cart bag will easily make the top five – especially considering its incredibly cheap price. The bag has more storage than regular cart bags and each compartment has been strategically placed to allow easy access even when the bag is sitting at the back of the cart.

The quality of the nylon material used for its construction is more than what can be expected from a bag at this price point. It even has extra features like the putter holder and integrated umbrella holder which are not very common in less expensive golf bags. All in all, this bag is a great buy and you won’t hesitate to recommend it to your other golf buddies.


OGIO golf cart bag is a popular high end model for golf cart bagsand it’s already proven to be one of the best cart bags on the market. Putting the OGIO and the Palm Springs side by side, one can easily identify the differences between the two. The Palm Springs may have a smaller amount of features, but it also has a smaller price point.

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