OGIO Silencer Cart Bag Review


There are various reasons why people engage in playing golf. For business people, it’s one way of socializing with colleagues and clients. After all, discussing a business proposal over a game of golf is the dream. Other people do it for its physical benefits.

Walking for 3 to 4 miles round the entire golf course is just what your body needs to burn that excess fat and work those muscles. However, not all people are up for the long walk across the course. This is where carts come in handy. If you identify yourself as one of these people, you might want to buy a golf bag that will suit your preference.

Golf Cart bags are designed for players who use golf carts most of the time. They are generally designed with sturdy bases to ensure that the bag sits upright at the back of the cart. Since golf carts are not mainly designed to be carried around, they don’t come with shoulder straps.

Some high-end brands design their golf carts with an integrated stand for added convenience. And speaking of popular brands for golf bags, OGIO is definitely on top of the list. One masterpiece from this company is the Silencer Cart Bag.

Key Features

OGIO is one of the legends in the industry of golf equipment. One of its masterpieces is the Silencer Cart Bag. The highlight of this unit is evident in the name itself but, aside from that, it also has features that make it the ultimate golf cart bag.

  • 16-way top design
  • Silencer Club Management System for maximum club protection
  • High-grade polymer construction
  • Flex grab teeth molded bottom with maximum grip
  • 7 zipper-locked pockets for better organization
  • Secure cart strap
  • Valuable pockets with fleece lining
  • Beverage pocket with insulation


Coming from the name itself, the OGIO Silencer Cart Bag is designed such that there is minimum contact between clubs and irons, thus minimizing the noise caused by clanging metal. With other golf bags, clubs tend to rub on each other, creating a lot of noise while travelling from point A to point B on the course. Not only does this create noise, it also leaves scratch marks on the clubs.

OGIO has designed a system that removes the clanging and scratching. Aside from that, it also arranges the clubs in a neat manner, allowing easy access. The high-grade polymer membranes make this possible by holding the clubs snug while its flex grab teeth bottom grabs the grips and secures each club to eliminate movement.

One thing that people hate about cart bags is when the bag twists which makes it very hard to grab the tees and balls inside the pockets. Well, this bag’s cart-strap channel is designed such that bag twisting is reduced if not eliminated.

Digging for balls and tees has just gotten easier. And speaking of pockets, organized people who like to have a separate pocket for everything will certainly love the seven pocket design with fleece lining. The insulated hydration pocket is designed to keep your beverages at the desired temperature for as long as possible.


The membrane is not supported all the way down to the bottom. When the bag is in an upright position, the clubs really don’t come in contact. However, when laid down, the clubs do rattle.


For a lightweight golf cart bag with all these great features and at its price point, the Silencer is definitely a great buy. For less than 200 dollars, you can have a legit golf cart bag with a cool club protection system that doesn’t just eliminate the annoying clanging of metals but also minimizes the contact between clubs which leaves scratch marks.

It comes in several color options, letting you choose the bag that best fits your style. The overall construction of the bag is excellent – as expected from OGIO. All in all, this bag has everything you need in a golf cart bag and it’s all yours for a very affordable price.


An easy comparison versus the Silencer is the Callaway 2016 Org 14 Cart Bag. One obvious advantage that the Callaway has over the Silencer is its 12 pockets designed for a more organized golf experience. However, it doesn’t have the Silencer Club management system. This will always be the edge of the OGIO Silencer over any other golf cart bag out there. Considering that they come at the same price point, the Silencer comes off as a better option.

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