NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag Review


For many enthusiasts who play golf on a regular basis, the 3-4 mile hike around the course is excellent exercise. However, it’s not really the case if you have a large bag to carry around the entire time. This is why choosing the right equipment, especially the right golf bag, is very important.

Most professional players stick with the staff bag since it’s the only one big enough to house all of their equipment. For casual players, though, it can be a variation among the other types of golf bags available. One of which is the golf stand bag.

The most popular units of golf stand bags are the ones who have a dual stand which holds it in a semi-upright position. It is a very convenient bag to use, especially if you don’t have a caddy and you prefer walking over riding on a cart throughout the course.

From the name itself, this bag can sit upright and hold its ground without keeling over. When you stand to putt, you don’t have to bend over to get stuff from your bag. Most of the great brands guarantee great performance even on challenging terrains. One example is the NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag.

Key Features

Practical and stylish are two words to describe this best-seller. It offers multiple features that you will find convenient when you’re on the course. Its extra features make it the best golf buddy especially during the rainy season.

  • 14-way stand top design
  • Well-made full length dividers
  • Designed for easy lifting and lowering with its dual handle, top handles is conveniently integrated in the bag
  • 5 secure zippered pockets
  • Standard size cooler pocket
  • Waterproof valuables pouch with fleece lining
  • Rainy season functionality with an integrated umbrella holder, removable rain hood, and tower ring
  • Stylish and neat royal blue color


The NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag is considered as one of the best-selling stand golf bags because of its amazing set of features which highlights its functionality even during the rainy season. It is very convenient to use, with its 14-way stand top design and full-length dividers that make it extremely easy to store your valuable clubs and irons.

There are five available zippered pockets where you can store the rest of your golf equipment, all of which are durable and secure. Aside from these five pockets, it also has a separate valuables pouch where you can keep your important stuff like your wallet and mobile phone. What’s great about this pouch is that it’s lined with fleece and is absolutely waterproof, which means that you don’t have to worry if it suddenly rains.

The two handles are intended to provide more ease in lifting and lowering the bag – something that you would surely appreciate if you plan to carry it around throughout the course. The top handle is designed such that it is integrated into the bag, making it more secure to hold. The cooler pocket is just the right size to hold standard sized tumblers and water bottles.

The highlight of this bag is its functionality even during the rainy season – and that’s not just because of its waterproof pouch. This bag has an umbrella holder and a removable rain hood that you can use when it rains unexpectedly. The towel ring is an added feature as well.


The bag is well-designed but the sleeves where the clubs are supposed to go in are not divided all the way in.


Looking closely at the features and specifications of the NFL Fairway Golf Stand Bag, one can easily say that it is an excellent deal for its price. Considering all the positive feedback posted on different product review sites, customers are extremely satisfied with this product. How can they not be? It’s lightweight and the comfortable shoulder strap makes it very convenient to carry around.

It’s waterproof and designed to withstand even the rainiest of days. And with its sturdy design, you can use it as often as you want and it will still last for years. Not to mention, the color of the bag is bright and neat to look at. Definitely a winner!


One close comparison for the NFL Fairway Golf stand bag is the Callaway 2016 Hyper-Lite 5 Stand Bag. Both are considered best sellers but in terms of storage space, the NFL Fairway is a better choice. Though they may have almost identical features, the Callaway is more intended for portability but it compromises storage. It does have fifteen pockets, if you want to be more organized with your stuff but it can only hold a few clubs and irons.

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