Jones Golf Bags, Original Jones Golf Bag Review


It’s really great when technology catches up on things – especially with sports. Things that used to sound ridiculous because they seemed as though they were impossible to do have turned out to be something that are very much doable. In the past years, there have been many innovations in different sports that made our favourite games a lot more exciting. The same is true with golf.

Technology has opened a lot of possibilities which inspired changes. But despite these changes, some traditional things seem to retain their appeal. In golf bags, for example, even with the production of new golf bagswith sophisticated designs and high-grade material, no one can ever get rid of old school golf bag models.

The Original Jones golf bag is just one of the few classic golf bag models that are still appealing to golf enthusiasts. It may not have the features that new golf bag designs flaunt but the functionality is not that far behind.

Of course, newer ones offer more convenience, better material, and a more sophisticated look. But old school golf bags like the Jones Original have a lot to offer, too. Aside from making a statement, being able to survive in the industry for this long only proves how reliable this brand is.

Key Features

The Original Jones golf bag represents simpler times, offering traditional golf bag functions with a classic look. Removing the technicalities that today’s golf bag offers, it is simpler to use and manage. As one of the oldest brands in the industry, Jones is definitely the most reliable name when it comes to golf equipment.

  • Most trusted brand when it comes to golf equipment
  • Good quality material and reliable construction
  • Simple design, easy access and neat style
  • 3-way divider
  • Signature Jones single strap and twisted handle
  • Signature Jones 2- zippered ball pouch and full length outerwear pocket on belly
  • Exterior umbrella sleeve
  • Lightweight overall construction at only 3.15 pounds


In all its simplicity, the Original Jones Bag offers the traditional functions of a golf bag with no drama. It is proven to be one of the most iconic carry golf bags ever. It has one of the most comfortable straps and perfectly balanced designs that makes it very convenient to carry around. The bag itself weighs a little over 3 pounds which is one of the most lightweight designs you can find.

There’s a 3-way divider that allows you to lump your clubs together and organize them according to your preference.  The original single strap with signature twisted handle is designed to allow easy access in reaching top pockets even when the bag is on your shoulder.

It doesn’t have a lot of pockets which recent models usually flaunt, but what it has instead are two zippered pouches for balls and a full length outwear pocket that is on the bag’s lower center. It also has an exterior umbrella sleeve, which is excellent for unexpected rain.


Since this is an old model, a lot of newer products will definitely outshine it. First off, the padding isn’t sufficient to support the lower back. It doesn’t have a sturdy handle; what it has instead is a woven nylon handle which can be found along the spine of the bag. There are only three pockets and it doesn’t have a cooler pocket. Also, the bag doesn’t have a rain hood which is definitely handy in case of unexpected rains.


If you are a practical buyer, you would probably pick a new and more defined golf bag than a classic which doesn’t give you everything you need in a golf bag. For people who are too technical and meticulous with their golfing equipment, newer models are definitely better options.

But for casual players who only need a simple bag to carry some items across the course, the Original Jones bag could work for you. You will surely appreciate its simple and lightweight design and the quality is unquestionable. It also comes at an affordable price – definitely worth a glance or two.


Since the Original Jones golf bag is an old school model, it’s only fair to have it compared to another vintage bag. And when it comes to vintage golf bags, what better example is there than the Belding American Collection Vintage Golf Carry bag.

Both came from huge manufacturing companies for golf equipment. Functionality-wise, the Original Jones is definitely superior. But when it comes to quality, nothing beats the hand-crafted golf bag made out of good quality leather and waxed canvass.

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