How to Choose the Perfect Golf Bag Weight for Playing Style

A lot of people enjoy playing golf not only for its mental stimulation but also for the physical benefits that it offers even though it’s not as active as other sports. It may lack the climactic moments caused by buzzer beater shots but once you understand the dynamics of the game, it’s easy to get hooked.

It’s not as simple as just hitting a golf ball with a club. Every swing is calculated depending on the terrain, the distance of the hole, and even the direction of the wind. It’s a game that doesn’t just test a person’s physical stamina, it also stimulates the mind.

A lot of factors contribute to the success of the game. Equipment, for example, plays a huge role in the overall play of a golfer. Things like the golf bag weight, dimensions and even golf club material have an impact on the game. One of the major equipment that a golfer should pay attention to is the bag.

It should have the correct dimensions and weight, depending on the kind of play the golfer wants. For example, if you hate riding on carts and would prefer to walk across the course, a lightweight carry bag is perfect for you. If you need help choosing the perfect golf bag according to your playing style, read on.


Different types of Golf bags and their Corresponding Weight

Carry Bags

This is the ideal golf bag for people who would prefer walking across the course instead of riding a golf cart. Most casual golf players choose a carry bag. It’s the smallest golf bag there is and it’s usually made of lightweight material. Carry bags don’t have much room for equipment and most people carry only a few clubs and some balls and tees in them. The average weight for carry bags is 3-5 pounds.

Example: Original Jones golf bag – 3.5 pounds

Cart Bags

Cart bags are slightly bigger and heavier than carry bags since they are mostly placed at the back of a golf cart and are not recommended to be carried around the course. These are not designed for easy lifting but most high end brands still include a comfortably padded strap just in case you need to carry it over your shoulder. Advanced golfers who are not as technical as professional players usually go for a cart bag. The average weight is between 4-6 pounds.

Example: OGIO Silencer Golf Cart Bag – 5 pounds

Stand Bags

Stand bags are basically just cart bags with legs that allow them to stand on their own, even on uneven surfaces. They have a set of built-in legs that allow them to sit at an angle, providing convenient and easy access for the player to pick a club or get a ball from one of the pockets.

Stand bags are designed to fit in a cart but most players who use this type of bag prefer to carry them around. Most stand bags are made with a harness or a padded strap to make it easier for the players to lift and carry them. The average weight is also 6-8 pounds.

Example: Hot-z Golf 2.0 Stand Bag – 8 pounds

Staff Bags

These bags are used by professional players and designed such that they can hold as much equipment as possible. Staff bags are made of high-end materials and are very durable. Some popular brands are made of high quality leather. It’s the golf bag that has the most storage room and can fit 14-18 clubs. They are definitely not recommended to be carried around unless you have a caddy or a cart at your disposal.

Example: TaylorMade Supreme Staff Bag – 10 pounds

These are only some of the examples of best selling golf bags. If you wish to check detailed descriptions of these bags, read the most popular golf bags or the coolest golf bags review.

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