How to choose the Lightest Golf Bag?

Do you like playing golf? If you are just starting to make it a serious hobby, you need a golf bag. As you select, focus on choosing a lightweight golf bag. Now there are many picks, thanks to advanced innovation and design. You can find a bag that you can proudly carry to any golf course. Since there is a wide range of golf bags, follow this guide to buying the most useful bag.


Available types – 2 bags that are very lightweight

As you will discover, golfer bags have categories. After reading on each bag category, you should decide the one that is suitable for you. Here they are:

Carry bags

If you want a very lightweight bag, choose a carry bag. It is usually small and portable. However, it can only host your clubs, balls, T-shirts, towels and other basic accessories. As it has a stand, a carry bag holds itself in an upright position. If you prefer walking to the golf course, get a carry bag.

Stand bags

If you prefer walking, you should buy a stand golf bag. It has retractable legs, allowing them to stay upright on the ground. Being a backpack bag style, the stand bag has shoulder straps. It is the lightest bag ever. Depending on the brand, the stand bags might have hip pads to increase comfort. If you want to put your bag in a push or pull cart, go ahead. The stand bag is extremely convenient.

Features your bag should have

A nice golf bag should have many features. But, each feature should help the user in a particular way. The following are the things you want to see in your lightest golf bag.


You can have a bag with one to fifteen dividers. These dividers are openings that show at the top of the bag and might extend to the sides of the bag. Dividers minimize how often the golf clubs make contact with the bag. A lightweight bag may not offer many dividers. However, the ones it will provide will be useful to you.

Handles and straps

As you will carry your golf bag on your back or shoulders, it should have ergonomic straps and handles. A single strap bag is better if you don’t walk the course frequently. You could hang it on your shoulder. But if you play golf often, a dual-strap like the one sewn on backpack bags is okay.

Putter well compartment

A putter should not be near your clubs as it might damage their shafts. At the same time, the clubs might ruin the head of your putter. The best way to manage your clubs and the putter is to get a lightweight bag with a putter well.


A golf bag with at least one pocket is a must-have. These pockets will host your accessories. For instance, you could put extra golf balls or T-shirts in the pockets. There are different types of pockets. For instance, there are bags that have a valuables pocket.

This pocket typically has a very soft fabric lining and it is for keeping your cell phone and other gadgets. An external pocket or sleeve for holding your water bottle. There may be an insulated cooler pocket for drinks too.

Towel ring

This is an externally placed feature. Its work is to let the golfer carry a towel for wiping their golf equipment before storing them in the bag.

Umbrella holder and rain hood

It might rain out there. So you should consider buying a golf bag with a pocket for your umbrella. Alternatively, the bag should offer a rain hood or another sort of bad weather protection system.

Selecting the best golf bag

A lightweight golf with all the above-mentioned features is great. However, when it comes to shopping, you must be thorough. Reading customer reviews is a must. This is how you will know whether a particular bag is really lightweight. But it will be great to focus only on stand golf bags and carrier bags. These are the only categories that have the lightest bags. But if you are okay with pulling or pushing a golf cart, you might consider the medium-sized cart bags.

It will be a prudent thing to compare prices of different items. Although buying the cheapest is not always wise, you should focus on the golf bags you can afford.

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