Coolest Golf Bags in 2016

Unlike basketball, football, and other popular ball games that people often talk about, golf doesn’t have a broad fan base. Some people consider it a boring sport, one that rarely has climactic points. What most people see is that it’s 90% walking or riding a kart and 10% hitting a tiny ball with a long, hard stick. What they don’t know is that golf is a very interactive and enjoyable sport which has surprisingly many health benefits.

Aside from the physical, mental, and social advantages that this game brings about, it also has one of the best set of equipment for a sport ever. But before you get to the specifics of the different equipment that are needed in the game, you need to choose among the coolest golf bags where you can put them all in.


Palm Springs Golf Cart Bag

The Palm Springs Golf Cart bag is one of the easiest choices for great golf cart bags for the money. It is one of the most affordable golf bags you can find and its features definitely compete with higher end brands.

  • The bag can accommodate 14 clubs.
  • The nylon material used for the bag’s construction is durable and extremely lightweight. Even with its large build the bag’s overall weight is only around 7 pounds.
  • The full-length dividers are designed to reduce contact between the clubs and to eliminate the clanging sound of metal.
  • Easier to organize golf equipment and game accessories with its 9 available pockets, all of which are securely zippered. These pockets have been strategically placed all over the bag to allow easy access when getting a ball or other accessories.
  • Additional pocket is available for beverage bottles.
  • The zippered rain cover is added to be used when there’s unexpected rain. This goes with the umbrella holder integrated in the bag as well.

Hot-Z Golf 2.0 Stand Bag

For those who think that golf equipment is ridiculously expensive, the Hot-Z Golf 2.0 Stand Bag will definitely prove you wrong. As one of the least expensive products on the market, the Hot-Z 2.0 guarantees that despite its cheap price, the quality of the bag is definitely not compromised.

  • The 14-way graphite separator top with full-length dividers isolate the clubs properly to make sure that they do not come in contact with each other and thus the unnecessary scratching and the annoying clanging noise can be minimized.
  • It is easier to organize and store equipment and accessories with the five available securely zippered pockets.
  • There is an added dual carry strap which has sufficient padding that makes it easier for the bag to be lifted and carried around the course.
  • The pen and scorecard sleeve comes in handy for keeping scores. The pockets are waterproof to make sure the items inside them aren’t damaged by rain.
  • The bag is made of high quality dobby nylon which accounts for its extremely lightweight built.

Caddy Daddy Golf Co-Pilot Standard Edition Hybrid Travel Bag

If you are looking for a bag that has it all, it’s a hybrid that you are looking for. From the name itself, this bag features properties that are present in every golf bag category. The neutral color and sophisticated design is just the icing on top.

  • The bag has 14 full length dividers that let you organize your clubs.
  • The bag’s design is intended to be crush-resistant and durable, making sure that all of its contents are safely stored.
  • There are 10 available pockets for organizing your items and golfing equipment.
  • The strap system has an ergonomic design with comfortable padding to make it easier to lift and carry the bag.
  • The included rain hood is perfect for sudden rain.

These are just three of the best sellers available on the market. For detailed description of the bags, there’s an individual product review for each.

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